Other Writing

I write fiction and nonfiction: short stories, novels, plays, memoirs, articles and (now) blogs.

My futuristic thriller “Do Unto Others” is set two hundred years in the future, when climate change has destroyed most of the world’s population. The survivors have split into two groups: scientists who are trying to protect what remains of accumulated human knowledge and a powerful religious group who believe knowledge should be destroyed since it led to the original catastrophe.

“A Glass of Water” is a short horror story. Originally written as part of a 24-hour short story competition, it was later  published in the September 2006 issue of Sideroads, a literary magazine published by the Stratford Gazette .

When my sons were young, I ran a Drama Club at their elementary school. Each year I wrote and directed a play there – updated re-tellings of fairy tales. “A Bit of a Witch” placed Hansel and Gretel  (Henry and Giselle) in the hands of a social-climbing stepmother who ditched them in an abandoned warehouse. “These Boots Were Made for Walking” featured Cinderella (Cindy) as the lead singer in a grunge band. “Jacks and the Teen Talk” told the story of how rap artist Jack and his brothers Jock and Jake  confounded a school bully. In “So White and the Seven Dudes” pretty little So White escaped the nasty shenanigans of a female bully to hang out with a bunch of rough and funny dudes.

For several years, while I was a trustee for the Avon Maitland District School Board, I wrote a regular column in the Stratford Beacon Herald, called “Educationally Speaking.” I’ve also written a number of articles for academic journals, notably the Queen’s Quarterly, including reviews of new plays, a history of Stratford’s Third Stage and a profile of actress/director Martha Henry.

I am currently working on a non-fiction book about Stratford’s culinary visionaries and a memoir of the year I spent in France when I was eight years old.

I have belonged to a number of writers’ groups, including face-to-face groups in Stratford, the Internet Writing Workshop and Deadly Prose (a full novel critique group.)